Mapping Fresh Food in Sunset Park

by Alivette

My map has places where they sell fresh foods for people around Sunset Park. I created that map so people can see where they can get fresh foods. There are no organic fruits and vegetables in these places. Why are their no organics in these places? I’m guessing people can’t afford it in Sunset. So maybe that’s why people don’t buy organics.Conventionally grown foods usually have had pesticides sprayed on them. Pesticides are chemicals that kill insects, but do not harm the plant. However, the pesticides can harm people too! We just don’t know about it because it happens little by little. Farmers that grow organic foods do not have to buy chemicals, but organic foods they are still more expensive.


So where are organics? In my smaller map, you can see that many stores sell organic foods are in Manhattan. Why not in Sunset? One reason may be that more people in the city have the money for organic foods so more stores carry them. I think people in Sunset  would buy the organics if they could afford it. I think we should have more community farms in and near Sunset so that we could grow organic produce and it could be cheaper because it is local!
alivettes map

Each thumbs up represents a grocery store in our neighborhood that sells fresh food, but not all have organic foods.

Please see my map below…

Each dot represents a store found on Google Maps that sells organic food. There are more store that advertise organic food in Manhattan than in our neighborhood in Brooklyn.

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