Family Food Interview

by John

We have interviewed some of our family members to learn about their eating habits and what foods they would buy in there daily life. We wanted to know what knowledge they had of the food, shopping and cooking. Here is an example of one of the interviews: 

Tell me a story about how you learned to cook.
I learned how to cook watching my mother.Do you like to cook? Why? 
Yes, I love it because I love to eat!

What is your favorite meal to cook? Why? 
Chicken Cutlets, because I love Italian food.

Tell me about your favorite childhood foods. 
Rice and beans.

Who made them for you? 
My mother.

Do you make them now? 

How would you describe healthy food? 
Food that isn’t greasy.

How would you describe fresh food? 
Food you can find in farmer’s market.

What do you think is good food for people to eat? 
Vegetables and fruits.

Where do you get or buy your food? 
Mainly the supermarket.

Has this change over the years?
Who do you shop for?
My family and myself.What kinds of food do you buy?
Rice, beans, spaghetti, meat, and vegetables 

How do you decide what the people you cook for are going to eat?
I ask what they would like to eat. 

What brands do you buy? Why?
Goya, Carolina rice, and corn oil because that’s the brands that the family likes. 

What are you thoughts on organic food?
They are great to buy but very expensive. 

Do you ever buy organic food?
Once a week. 

Do you ever buy at farmers markets? Why?
Yes, because the foods are fresh and more healthier. 

When do you choose to cook or buy prepackaged foods?
I cook it once a week. 

Why do you choose prepackaged foods? 
Because the foods are fresh and more healthier.

Is there anything else you want to share about food or cooking.
If I wouldn’t have a busy schedule I would’ve loved to learn a lot of recipes and be more in the kitchen.

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