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The Different Types Of “Healthy”

By John H. From a young age we’ve all been told that we have to eat “healthy,” but think for a second. Can you honestly say, word for word, what healthy really is? And are you aware that healthy for one person may not be in anyway healthy for another? Here is a short guide to the …

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What Does Food Justice Mean to You?

Food Justice mean that is a group of kids gardening there own food and research if there are fresh food in our neighborhood and researching whats really in our food. We our trying to figure out whats good for use and what kind of chemical people put so that the food can taste better. We are …

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Mapping Fresh Food in Sunset Park

by Alivette My map has places where they sell fresh foods for people around Sunset Park. I created that map so people can see where they can get fresh foods. There are no organic fruits and vegetables in these places. Why are their no organics in these places? I’m guessing people can’t afford it in …

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Family Food Interview

by John We have interviewed some of our family members to learn about their eating habits and what foods they would buy in there daily life. We wanted to know what knowledge they had of the food, shopping and cooking. Here is an example of one of the interviews:    Tell me a story about …

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